Kovacs have been designing and constructing luxury furniture in New Zealand for over half a century. In this time we’ve remained true to the original ethos – from first inspiration to final finish our handiwork must be built to inspire, to uphold and endure.

Stephen Kovacs opened the Christchurch furniture business back during the days of the wireless and the six o’clock swill. He brought to the new venture a passion for European design and belief in the talents of local furniture craftsman.

Along with his wife Maria, Stephen set up the Mowbray Street factory in Sydenham in 1963. It was first known as Atlas, then later as Vertex Continental Furniture. In 1983 the name change to Kovacs would occur, the family name providing the right focus for the pride and diligence within the craft.

Brother and sister Johnny and Hildy Kovacs grew up in the family business, the siblings witnessing first hand the ever-changing design trends and fashion upheavals within the furniture and design industries.

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6 Akepiro St
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