forma - designed by leading furniture designer Matt Smidt and hand made in our own New Zealand factory. 
forma integrates European influences for the New Zealand lifestyle resulting in a diverse collection which can reflect your self expression and create an environment where you can relax and entertain in comfort and style.
Working alongside all of the leading New Zealand fabric houses we offer you the fabric of your choice to suit your home and lifestyle. 
For Matt Smidt, creative director of forma, what’s on the inside is equally important to the aesthetics. The core of the forma ethos - start with great construction and build upon it with considered proportions and unparalleled comfort. 
None of the ‘real’ furniture designers and manufacturers would make a sofa with a middle leg, it’s just a sign of substandard construction.
As the second largest furniture manufacturer in New Zealand that prides itself on quality, you are already making a choice to invest in the future by purchasing a sofa that is built for a life time and for every forma product made you are supporting 87 additional New Zealand businesses.

Our Showroom Location

51 - 53 The Strand
Auckland 1052
Phone Number

09 368 7694
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