It’s hometime. Thank goodness. You made it. It’s the time of day we wait all day for. The 6am gym session.The meetings upon meetings. The hours spent in traffic.  It was all worth it Because now the time is here. 

The time for shoe-kicking And glass-clinking. For sinking into sofasAnd feasting on futons. Time for falling heavily onto heavenly beds and disappearing deep under duvets. Whatever hometime means to you, Whatever got you to this moment, 

Let us help you make the most of it with beautiful spaces, comfortable furnishings and contemporary design. 
You’ve worked hard for this moment, So do it in style. If your heart is set on something we don’t have, we will find it for you.

This is a young business. We want to make a difference for our customers and in so doing, help ourselves. So we will give you unprecedented service.

Bauhaus offers minimalist, contemporary furniture for New Zealand homes.

Our collections are sourced from award-winning designers and craftsmen, both locally and abroad to meet the tastes of interior designers and homemakers alike.

Our Showroom Location

19 Shipwright Lane
Auckland 1052
Phone Number

09 302 2651
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